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Infrastructure Deployment

Infrastructure Deployment

Primose Consulting built its reputation on well-organized, efficient data warehousing models,The key to Data Warehouse technology and cloud computing involves centralized storage systems that can rapidly gather, integrate, distill, and summarize information to drive intelligent decisions relating to Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Marketing, among other issues. No business wants to invest valuable resources into Data Warehouse technology and find that it doesn’t function as advertised. Primose Optimization services help enterprises get to the heart of what drives your business. Using your priorities as our focus, we develop and recommend appropriate improvements to your Data Warehouse infrastructure, guiding your business in executing best-in-class solutions that will move your business forward.
Primose’s Data Warehouse optimization approach includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Measurement of performance demand as it relates to existing platform and processing infrastructure (e.g., need for real-time data)
  • Analysis of data types and data models; consider benefits of breaking down information into more granular data, using data-neutral models to improve data flexibility and query/processing times;
  • Evaluation of performance issues with regard to expanding automated processes, decreasing query processing times, reducing transcription errors
  • Alignment of organizational members to ensure the right business and IT people are in the right roles to get the most out of the DW investment
  • Processes and procedures to implement and deploy applications to meet time-to-market goals
  • Consolidation of runaway datamarts and one-off reporting databases

dataanalytics2Primose Consulting has worked extensively with enterprises in states of flux, with issues involving any or all of the following: mergers; buy-outs; consolidations; outdated database technology; outdated software; and insufficient storage capacity. Whether it’s transferring data between storage types (cloud, data warehouse using commodity hardware), formats, or computer systems, our Primose Migration solutions team is an industry leader in guiding businesses in developing successful data migration solutions.
Advancements in data storage technology currently create an opportunity for businesses to investigate and consider more reliable, faster solutions at a lower total cost of ownership. Our Primose Migration specialists have expertise in all aspects of data migration, including storage migration, database migration, application migration, and business process migration. Primose’s automated processes and protocols are used to free up resources and decrease transfer times to mitigate unnecessary losses in business productivity. If your enterprise must upgrade and modernize, consolidate business processes, transfer or transform data storage systems, Primose’s goal is to help your business spend its resources wisely on solutions that will allow your company to maintain competitiveness and position itself for future success.


Reduce cost and increase support capabilities with the premier, low-cost, remote administrator service for data integration / data analytics platforms

Today’s software solutions are becoming more and more complex in their efforts to do more and integrate with a growing number of other technologies. And the effort required to support and maintain these solutions is growing proportionally, greatly increasing costs. You need the ability to continue to provide the level of support demanded by your customers within an ever-shrinking budget. Primose Administrator, our remote administrator service, provides you this ability.

Your department’s goals can be easier to accomplish through superior and timely service and support with Primose Administrator. Remote administrator service offerings are helping customers tackle enterprise data administration issues and tasks 24×7 while improving your coverage at roughly 60% of the cost of a full-time administrator.
Primose Administrators provides organizations with the ability to focus their resources on mission critical projects instead of production software support and maintenance.


This service is designed to provide a talent-rich pool of resources to be available when needed to address your issues, both common and critical. No need to worry about a key resource being on vacation—we’re always here.
With Primose Administrator, you can increase your support team’s job satisfaction, help them to be more efficient, improve customer service, and put more focus on your mission-critical project delivery.

Our Primose Administrator service enables you to:

  • Free up your best resources for design and development
  • Reduce overall cost of data integration and maintenance support
  • Increase elastic resourcing, allowing resources to flex to your ever-changing IT demands
  • Tailor the support solution to your needs and unique circumstances
  • Receive rapid responses to critical system and process issues
  • Provide operational support with increased coverage at up to 60% of the cost
  • Have access to a single point of contact for all issues

Customer Peace of Mind

Our skilled remote administrators are monitoring your systems 24×7 and proactively working to keep your systems and organization running smoothly. We constantly monitor your jobs, application services and database systems and collect performance and threshold statistics. Primose Administrator keeps your systems properly tuned which helps to get your data delivered on time with the highest possible quality.

Maximize IT Efficiency and Reduce IT Costs

What is the business value of a Service? With the introduction of services like Primose Administrator, organizations can continuously optimize IT resource allocations for maximum business value by understanding IT through the lens of service function, quality, cost and benefit. When you include services as part of a data integration process you take advantage of your existing IT infrastructure and skill sets, helping to keep IT costs in check. Rethink your data management operations by focusing on business optimization—don’t get left behind. We offer several flexible, affordable service tiers to fit your unique needs.

Contact us today to learn more about Primose Administrator and our flexible, affordable service tiers designed to fit your enterprise’s unique needs!

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