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Internet of Things (IoT) Services

Internet of Things (IoT) Services

Sensor Analytics Services

In nearly every industry today, sensors are being created to monitor and report on specific events. Everywhere one looks, these sensors, used in countless devices, are also generating massive volumes of data. The result is an Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon that presents a unique opportunity for enterprises.

Primose is among the first of the BI consulting firms to capture sensor data and assimilate it into our client enterprises’ larger Big Data strategy. Our consulting and development work has taken advantage of a multitude of sensor types, including utility smart meters, healthcare biosensors such as EKGs, HVAC monitors, traffic readings, insurance company automobile sensors, and smart appliances for the home.

In the current technology landscape, PRIME helps businesses think creatively to realize the potential of this sensor data, turn it into usable information, and gain a huge competitive advantage toward driving efficiency and innovation far into the future. Sensor data can be used for both internal efforts between business units and for external-facing applications to customers and vendors. Integrating sensor data into a larger big data picture, Primose’s Big Data Analytics consultants help enterprises develop tools to quickly discover faulty equipment, fraud, and operational inefficiencies, as well as create predictive modeling and forecasting.

With deeper data mining, one can even unearth trends and outliers, finding untapped markets that can drive new business models. Combining sensor data with other complementary sensors or operational data provides value that is well beyond the sum of its parts. With the enormous value that can be achieved, it’s difficult to justify not starting a program to perform sensor data analytics. There’s a very good chance that the competition has already started.

For more information, please click on the link to discuss more on how to partner with your company so we deploy and get the IoT started with your company – Contact Us

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