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BigData Analytic Services

BigData Analytic Services

Are you looking to gain insights from social media, machine logs, sensors, and other Big Data sources? … And review analytics from this streaming information in real-time dashboards? Our experienced Big Data consulting team can help you with our Primose Sensors and Social analytics services:

Social Analytics Services

Primose Social™ is our Social Media Analytics consulting service that helps our clients better understand their customers, brand, and competition by integrating data, process, and technologies.
Today, we live in a brave new world of the connected consumer. Touch-points and channels of communication for a consumer transcend the traditional call center model involving human interaction. Multiple factors driving this trend include social media, smart phones, peer networks, forums, reviews, and more. In this vast ocean of data, there are nuggets of gold that your enterprise marketing, research, sales, and competitive intelligence teams can tap into and use to your benefit. Analytics from Social Media integration will help you:

• Understand your brand
• Understand your reputation
• Understand the customer, listen and learn from their interactions, follow your customers from an online perspective, and understand your influencers and their clout
• Understand your product or service perception in the marketplace
• Understand competitive intelligence
• Social Media integration will also help you DRIVE all of those same things, given the correct strategy.
Within the PRIME Framework™, we help your enterprise integrate Social Media Analytics with an effective roadmap to achieve success. The strategy portions of our PRIME Framework™ will enable you to build a business case toward integrating Social Media, determining the channels to leverage, then identifying and integrating the most effective business value drivers. Recent advances in technology such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and Data Virtualization have created a strong technology platform to tackle these vast amounts of disparate data. The issue is more of complexities and vagaries of data as opposed to the technology to assimilate and analyze it. Primose provides the clarity on how to work with this aggregate search data to build a viable solution, and then leverage that solution to your advantage.
Our framework will integrate the platform with the data foundation, bringing together and incorporating the following business processes into your operations – not just analyzing them:

• Collaboration – Search, Knowledge, Reputation within a secure collaborative environment
• Community – Helping organizations build their reputation within online communities
• Content – Empower people to create, gather, analyze, and share content
• Responsiveness – Instant, real-time response to unexpected events. Organizations can respond immediately to unexpected events, for example, if something blows up on the internet about their business or brand.

Sensor Analytics Servicesbigdata18

In nearly every industry today, sensors are being created to monitor and report on specific events. Everywhere one looks, these sensors, used in countless devices, are also generating massive volumes of data. The result is an Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon that presents a unique opportunity for enterprises.
Primose is among the first of the BI consulting firms to capture sensor data and assimilate it into our client enterprises’ larger Big Data strategy. Our PRIME Sensor™ consulting and development work has taken advantage of a multitude of sensor types, including utility smart meters, healthcare biosensors such as EKGs, HVAC monitors, traffic readings, insurance company automobile sensors, and smart appliances for the home.

In the current technology landscape, Primose helps businesses think creatively to realize the potential of this sensor data, turn it into usable information, and gain a huge competitive advantage toward driving efficiency and innovation far into the future. Sensor data can be used for both internal efforts between business units and for external-facing applications to customers and vendors. Integrating sensor data into a larger big data picture, Primose’s Big Data Analytics consultants help enterprises develop tools to quickly discover faulty equipment, fraud, and operational inefficiencies, as well as create predictive modeling and forecasting. With deeper data mining, one can even unearth trends and outliers, finding untapped markets that can drive new business models. Combining sensor data with other complementary sensors or operational data provides value that is well beyond the sum of its parts.
With the enormous value that can be achieved, it’s difficult to justify not starting a program to perform sensor data analytics. There’s a very good chance that the competition has already started.

Advanced Analytics and Data Sciencedataanalytics2
At Primose, we believe Data Science holds promise as the next giant leap in the evolution of business intelligence to convert data into information and knowledge. Integrating large volumes of data with advanced analytics techniques, modern computer technology, and domain expertise within specific business sectors, our PRIME Science™ service offering springs from our clients’ growing demand to look inside the crystal ball of Big Data to predict the future of their enterprise.

Primose Consulting’s PRIME Science™ services are ideal for businesses that want to understand why they’re losing ground to competition, or if they want to predict future earnings based on a number of converging factors: past performance, current and forecasted economic conditions, social media sentiment, website activity, and customer churn rates, among others. What sets Primose’s data scientists apart from pure statisticians is our computer programming expertise—which we use to manage large data sets—combined with our emphasis on business domain research and knowledge, which we leverage to guide our analyses.
To manage all this data our Primose Data Science specialists use new tools and technologies including Hadoop, MongoDB, Map-Reduce, Natural Language Processing (NLP), columnar databases, NoSQL, Cassandra, Pig, Hive, and Impala, just to name a few. Businesses and organizations now have access to enormous amounts of data that come in as and/or can be converted into a variety of forms: key-value pairs, documents, object notation, text, free-form language, columnar data, etc.
By combining Primose’s Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Big Data expertise with advanced statistical techniques, Primose provides meaningful added value to your analytics initiatives.
Our PRIME Science™ services focus on the following areas:

• Predictive Modeling
• Advanced Statistical Analysis
• Machine Learning
• Data Mining
• Unstructured Data Management
• Large Data Volumes
• Complex Data Integration
• Industry Specific Research
• Business Processes Analysis

Lean Analyticsbigdata10

Using simpler, more organic steps, our PRIME Lean™ analytics solution takes advantage of the processing power and performance of Data Warehouse Appliance (DWA) technology. Beginning with the acquisition of all available data, not just slices of data, and applying principles of real-time computing, the PRIME Lean™ solution allows permutations of the source data using virtual snapshots, not the physical data itself.
In today’s business climate, speed does matter. The PRIME Lean™ solution gives stakeholders much faster access and overall control of their data, in real time. Other benefits:
• Rapid Changes/Modifications are Straightforward—add new data sources quickly with less complicated architecture and supply chain; rapidly change insight layers since they’re virtual; reduce modification delivery from months to days, and even hours in many cases;
• Decreased Project Cost—greatly reduce or eliminate design and development fees from developers; greatly reduce or eliminate ETL licensing fees;
• Reduced Maintenance—lower need and number of necessary staff production support due to less complicated framework; resolve problems faster; flexible options for support locations;
• Increased Functionality—since all data is available, business units can consume information on their own terms, when they’re ready; the full self-service capacity means business units no longer depend on IT for report, dashboard, or analysis generation; evolve into a true self-service environment with little IT involvement

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